Why CHI?

CHI comes from the first three letters of “Chinese”, and it’s also part of my brand name, HitChinese.  “C” and “I” are highlighted because they stand for Comprehensible Input (CI), which is a brain-friendly way to learn a new language.

I am so passionate about Comprehensible Input teaching because I truly believe it’s the most effective way for students to learn any language.

In my comprehension-based Chinese lessons, it is my priority to make every word that I use meaningful to you.  In each video lesson, I guide you through a mini-story that includes limited vocabulary combined in many different ways.  This way, you’re not overwhelmed by having to learn too many new words at once. You also get more repetition in the words that are used, and learn many more ways in which they’re used.

I make sure you’ve acquired the terms by using a powerful technique called circling.  Circling simply means I ask you easy questions based on the story. More importantly, circling is an interactive way to have more meaningful and varied repetition on the key words and sentence structures.  By listening to my questions and answering them, you are interactively exposed to a massive amount of repetition. Thus, you’ll be able to learn Chinese naturally without robotic memorization.

Come check out my videos to see how Comprehensible Input teaching works!