Encountering a Super Approach❤️


It’s only been two months since I started my YouTube channel, HitChinese.

The biggest reason for me to stay active on YouTube is that I want to spread the word of Comprehensible Input (CI) language learning.

As a native Chinese speaker, I started learning English in middle school.  Learning English made me feel that language learning was all about robotic memorization.  In college, I took Spanish for two semesters and didn’t do well on my Spanish tests. I came to the conclusion that I was a lazy person and that language learning was not for people like me.

One day, I stumbled upon the idea of Comprehensible Input (CI) language learning.  I felt that this approach to language learning was not only reasonable but fascinating as well, and I wanted to learn more.  Therefore, I bought a book called “TPRS with Chinese Characteristics” by Terry Waltz. I invested so much of my energy into understanding the ideas in this book.  They were so mind-blowing that I couldn’t wait to try them out in a real lesson. That is how my Chinese teaching journey began.

Now, when I look back on those days, I truly believe that all the effort I put in was worth it. Although it’s challenging to find time to shoot and edit videos while taking care of two energetic kids, I try my best to make my teaching meaningful and understandable to my audience. I’m very proud to be a part of the CI teaching world.

Now I’m ready for more challenges as I explore the CI teaching world.  I hope that you can follow along with me in my teaching and learning adventures.  By “you”, I mean everyone who believes that life can always be simplified. Like living life, learning a language can be challenging and confusing.  Comprehensible Input simplifies it.

Come explore and experience this fun and innovative approach to learning Chinese. 🎥🎬

Lots of love ❤️,


March 28, 2019